My name is Martijn Meijer.
Since the mid 1960’s I’m intensely busy with photography.
First everything was processed in the darkroom, now in Lightroom (I don’t use Photoshop).


I like to take pictures of simple subjects: just a few isolated lines or colors.


I hope the viewer starts asking questions:

  • what do I see,
  • what am I looking at,
  • where is this picture taken,
  • what material am I looking at,
  • what happened?


My pictures:

  • are an emphatic accent on 1 subject,
  • are taken from a sometimes unusual shooting point,
  • show isolated subjects that become alienated,
  • have a strikingly graceful line play,
  • are always from very common not manipulated subjects.


Take a look at my Instagram.

I’m looking forward to your reaction!